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Harnessing the Power of Advocacy Communications

By equipping new professionals as well as organizational leadership to understand how advocacy communications, including stories, power change, Stories Change Power gets everyone at mission-driven organizations joyfully singing their part from the same choir sheet to create a just, equitable, and peaceful world.
Our programming goes beyond equipping individuals with the skills of advocacy and ethical storytelling. We believe in the transformative potential of bridging divides across the country, fostering collaboration across organizations, building community across cohorts, and infusing meaning into individual lives.
Our audacious goal is to upend the status quo and help mission-driven organizations fully harness the power of advocacy communications. We know that doing so will catalyze change for every individual, family, and community those organizations serve.
With a focus on those at the frontlines of efforts that shape our lives through informing laws, policies, and systems, our programs empower individuals to amplify their voices and drive meaningful impact. We believe that when everyone within an organization understands the transformative power of advocacy communication and embraces their role, a harmonious synergy emerges, propelling the collective efforts towards a more just, equitable, and peaceful world.
Join us on this extraordinary journey of uniting voices for change. Together, we will harmonize our advocacy efforts, break down barriers, and create a society where every individual's voice is heard, valued, and empowered. Stories Change Power invites you to be a part of this movement, where the power of advocacy communication becomes a catalyst for a brighter future.


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