The Nine Rights

Effective communication boils down to getting the right message framed in the right way from the right messenger to the right actor delivered through the right channel at the right time. To do that, organizations need the right team with the right approach and, to know if they are effective, the right metrics. 

Easily said, but if it were easily done, every mission-driven organization would have already accomplished its purpose. 

Our programming equips organizations to ensure their advocacy communications account for all nine rights: 

Right Framing

What lens are you using to view the issue you want to change? Are you seeing the full context or, as we discuss in our cohorts, will "hippos eat your tomatoes?"

Right Message

What story are you telling? Will the message reach hearts and minds? Is it backed up by data and research? Will it heal our current divides instead of playing into them, or worse, deepening them?

Right Messenger

Who is trusted and credible? Are they persuasive? Should your organization be in the lead or should you be amplifying someone else's voice? 

Right Audience/Actor

Who has the power to solve the challenge you’ve identified? What are their priorities? To whom will they listen? Are you clear about to whom you are communicating and why?

Right Platform

Where can you cut through the noise and reach those who can take action?

Right Time

When does your actor need to act, and when do you need to reach them to ensure they do?

Right Team

Is everyone at your organization singing their part from the same choir sheet? Or are you working across silos? Is your communications team able to support projects every step of the way? Or are they like salmon swimming upstream in your processes?

Right Approach

When there are 50 possibilities but only time, capacity, and funding for 5, are you selecting the right 5? Are you, whether a new professional or seasoned leader, finding joy in making a difference along your professional journey?

Right Metrics

Are you measuring what really matters? Are you collecting data, and what does it tell you? What should you do as a result? How have your team’s work and your funder’s investments translated into positive change?

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