Advocacy organizations are only as effective as their communications efforts. Today, an overwhelming number of such organizations tackle massive missions with huge hearts and small budgets. Many cannot allocate funds for professional development.

Your support as a corporate partner, foundation, or individual donor who believes in the power of advocacy communications to create a just, equitable, and peaceful world makes it possible for us to reach organizations who could not otherwise access our services.

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Recognizing that changing laws, policies, and systems takes time, experience, and support, we match new professionals in our cohorts with experts to support them for at least one year beyond our program.

We believe in the people we select for our programming and deeply want to see them succeed. Mentorship supports their success and is a rewarding experience for mentors.

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Stories Change Power is a nonpartisan nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your tax-deductible donation supports not only our work but that of every organization with whom we interact.


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