Our Eight Core Values

Radical (răd′ĭ-kəl) adjective

1. Arising or growing from the root or source;

2. Designed to remove the root of a disease or all potentially diseased tissue;

3. Very different from the usual or traditional;

4. Relating to or advocating fundamental changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions.


- Radical Decency – Above all else, we recognize and respect the inherent dignity in every person and the fact life is most fully lived in relationship with other human beings. We understand the harms of an individualistic “compete-to-win” mindset. Instead, we prioritize decency - respect, understanding, empathy, acceptance, appreciation, fairness and justice – in all we do at all times, and relationality, a concept often valued in Indigenous cultures that recognizes the connectedness of humankind across history and geography and the complex and dynamic ways we impact each other as we live in community. (Some of the terminology in this focus is informed by the work of Jeff Garson and Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt.) 

- Radical Inclusion – We recognize that groups of people are stronger than the sum of individuals, and know that the more diverse the individuals, the stronger we are as a whole. Across history, people have been - and continue to be - excluded based on race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and religion, among many other factors. Instead, we actively seek to hear all voices, foster a sense of belonging, and ensure everyone feels – and is – seen, valued, and appreciated. 

- Radical Collaboration – We recognize that, like individuals, all organizations have gifts, but none have all the gifts. We understand many factors promote a sense of competition even among like-minded organizations. Instead, we embrace partnerships where we can combine our gifts of time, talent, and capacity to achieve a shared goal.


- Radical Candor – We recognize the value of honest conversation and the peace of mind that comes with transparency involving individuals and an organization as a whole. We understand the harms of poor communication common in today’s workplaces. Instead, we share our thoughts and opinions honestly and directly while caring about the people involved. We endeavor to ensure that if something needs to be said and productively addressed, it will be, such that if nothing is being said, it’s because nothing is amiss. (This focus and term are inspired by the work of Kim Scott.)


- Radical Growth – We recognize that with time and support, capacities can broaden and talents can improve. We understand the harms of expecting perfection in ourselves and others and of a "fake it till you make it" mindset devoid of a space to be vulnerable. Instead, we embrace a growth mindset, meaning we are human, learn from our mistakes, and create space to say “I don’t know – yet,” all while enjoying the process of reaching our goals, not just the destination.

- Radical Agency – We recognize the responsibility of every individual to think and act for themselves, utilize their individual power, and shape their life trajectory to the extent of their ability. We understand that structures and dynamics in the workplace and society writ large often limit agency. Instead, we encourage embracing one’s power to determine one’s own balance of giving and receiving joy, care, and support in order to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

- Radical Intentionality – We recognize that time and budgets are finite, while also knowing that decisions have human consequences. We understand the probability of having more ideas and possibilities than there are hours in the day or funds to pursue them, and that decisions have a ripple effect. As such, we endeavor to be clear about our priorities and make decisions that maximize positive impact without causing or ignoring harm.

- Radical Curiosity – We recognize that when it comes to shaping laws, policies, and systems, few things are certain and even fewer are simple. Smart advocacy accounts for a wide variety of viewpoints and requires understanding multiple perspectives. We gain that understanding through curiosity, or "filling in the gap between what you know and what you want to know." Radical curiosity means we actively and continuously expand what we want to know.

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