2024 Final Friday Webinar Series

In 2024, Stories Change Power is hosting a free webinar series to support more people than our small-by-design cohorts can serve, all with a goal of helping attendees create an effective and rewarding career in advocacy communications.

While geared toward advocacy communicators, we know our range of topics will be widely of interest and everyone is welcome, regardless of field or level of experience. 

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Michael Franklin, co-founder and Executive Director of Speechwriters of Color joined us to talk about the structure of an effective speech and how to structure a story in a way that resonates with an audience. He shared several examples of effective speeches to inform practitioners' communications efforts, including writing memorable speeches for voices in their organization. You can find Michael's list of inspiring speeches in this YouTube playlist. For reading, he recommends Speaking While Female, Sister Outsider, and the Political Speechwriter's Handbook.


Anne Collier, CEO of Arudia, will share insights into work styles and Kirton's Adaption Innovation Inventory (the KAI). After all, being an effective advocacy communicator means being a team player. In amplifying organizational messages, sharing community stories, promoting research findings, and numerous other aspects of our work, we need to be on the same page as the rest of our team. At Stories Change Power, we talk about the critical need for collaboration as "singing our parts from the same choir sheet."

Just as our roles on a team are all a bit different, so too are our preferred ways of getting things done. From how we organize our space to the way we solve complex problems, people vary in work styles and approaches. For example, your research and policy teams may gravitate toward rules and routines, while you prefer to work without boundaries - or perhaps the nature of your job responsibilities makes your day more fluid than the rest of your organization?

Understanding differences - and your own innate preference - in working and problem-solving styles is a vital step toward achieving your team's advocacy goals. The KAI measures those preferences and supports your professional development (and comes in handy in your personal life, too!).

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David Rosen, founder of First Person Politics, will join us to talk about the Dual Process Model. Political psychology is a powerful way to understand how people think and behave when it comes to power and politics, and political psychology has a lot to say specifically about political ideology. Understanding political ideologies is always important, but as 2024 unfolds, it's a crucial time to understand where they come from, how to measure them, how they relate to persuasion, and how they matter to your work.

Unfortunately, the conventional models of political ideology from political science and political consulting have serious flaws and may even undermine your advocacy efforts. Instead, you should consider the Dual Process Model, the most widely used model of political ideology in academic political psychology.

While this training will be of interest to anyone curious about what makes people tick in the political realm, it will help advocacy practitioners think about how to motivate and persuade people, and better understand where some of the fundamental cleavages in public opinion come from. Importantly, understanding the psychology behind political ideology will help shape your advocacy strategy and messaging.

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Whether you have questions or are seeking professional development, we're here to listen. Reach out today and be a part of the Stories Change Power movement.

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