All means all.

December 2023

After decency, our second core value is inclusion. Inclusion flows naturally from decency -- after all, if everyone has inherent dignity, why would we exclude anyone? Stories Change Power programming -- whether an ongoing cohort or a one-time workshop -- involves conversation, sharing of experiences, and exchange of knowledge. 

The more perspectives we include, the more learning we do.

The more learning we do, the more effective our participants will be.

By "effective," we include their work within the organizations where they, too, promote inclusivity as they seek to create a just, equitable, and peaceful world -- a world that we all share.

Our organization is based in the United States, a country where we can break bread together; whether it be a French baguette, a sourdough boule, fresh challah, pide, or injera, we "live in a place where people can bring their families, their cultures, and their dreams and — if we’re doing this democracy thing right — we can all sample opportunity and peace."


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